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Verge3D and Material Library Updates

Thanks to the enormous feedback from the community, we managed to work out many issues in the latest major version of Verge3D. The changes introduced in the 3.0.1 maintenance update include UI/UX improvements, new features in Puzzles, support for upcoming Blender 2.83 and various bug fixes.

We also releasing the new version of the Essential Material Pack for both Blender and 3ds Max.

App Manager and Puzzles editor

App Manager’s feature for uploading project archives now includes source files in the zip.

There were some cosmetic tweaks in the App Manager’s Dark theme and the Puzzles editor.

Particularly, we made the buttons for updating applications, as well as the active states of the Run and Save Puzzles buttons more noticeable.

Also, it is now possible to use Numpad’s Enter for dialog windows in the Puzzles editor.


The puzzles append scene and load scene now can have a field to name the newly added scene (“alias”). You can use this name to access the whole scenegraph as if it were an object. For example, you can move the entire scene with Puzzles.

Also we fixed the flickering of loaded/appended scenes.

The fullscreenchange option was added to the HTML event puzzle. You can use it for detecting entering/exiting the fullscreen mode.

We remove the flickering when using the bind element puzzle from HTML category.

We fixed an issue with multiple physics assignment in the create physics body puzzle.

The get gamepad puzzle no longer crashes with VR controllers.


Upcoming Blender 2.83 is now supported by Verge3D. Particularly, the following features now work:

  • Vector Math node’s new options Sine, Cosine, Tangent and Wrap.
  • Wave Texture node’s new options Triangle, Phase Offset, Rings Direction and Bands Direction.
  • Nodes NoiseVector Rotate (placeholder), and White Noise Texture that changed in Blender 2.83 no longer crash.
  • Prevented z-fighting-like discontinuity artifacts in Wave Texture node.

Also the Emission node now correctly output alpha – it is always 1.0, so the Strength factor only affects the RGB channels.

We fixed an issue with Blender addon installation. Also, when Verge3D is uninstalled, the addon is removed from Blender as well.


We fixed an issue with textures missing in glTF-compliant materials.

Other improvements and bug fixes

Fixed an issue with default HTML events. Particularly, the input range element will now work.

There were various fixes in JavaScript API.

We also fixed several more bugs reported on the forums:

Object mapping issue with instanced objects

Object output for Texture Coordinate node

Zero emission materials are transparent

Transparent background with set value

Finally, we got rid of the annoying console warning “pow(f, e) will not work for negative f”.

Material Library

We also updated material library bundles for both Blender and 3ds Max versions.

The Blender version obtained a new material, “car paint”. The legacy material pack compatible with Blender 2.79 has been removed, and all the entries have been updated and re-saved in Blender 2.82.

The Max version also obtained the “car paint” material, and the “velvet” and “cotton” materials have been ported from the Blender version.

As a reminder, all materials in the library are highly customizable. By using just a few input parameters, you can easily create a unique material that will fit in with your project.

Material library owners can get the updated bundles from their account dashboard.

That’s it! Download Verge3D 3.0.1 and upgrade your apps now!

By Yuri Kovelenov

Chief 3D Verger

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