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  • in reply to: Can’t Animate Light Scale/Size #72281

    Right on!

    I think I figured it out with your help. For anyone else that may encounter this problem, here’s the code I used in an Exec Script puzzle that worked for me:

    // Define a function to update LED widths
    function updateLEDWidths() {
    // Access the slider in the parent document
    var sliderValue = parent.document.getElementById(‘your_element_id’).value;

    // Map the slider value ([your range of slider values (e.g. 10 to 20)]) to the LED width ([range of Area Light X values (e.g 0.45 to 0.86)])
    var ledWidth = mapRange(sliderValue, 10, 20, 0.45, 0.86);

    // Update the width of each Area light
    var ledNames = [‘LED 1’, ‘LED 2’, ‘LED 3’, ‘LED 4’];
    ledNames.forEach(function(ledName) {
    // Assuming ‘app’ is your Verge3D app instance accessible in this context
    var led = app.scene.getObjectByName(ledName);
    if (led && led.isRectAreaLight) {
    led.width = ledWidth;

    // Helper function to map a value from one range to another
    function mapRange(value, inMin, inMax, outMin, outMax) {
    return (value – inMin) * (outMax – outMin) / (inMax – inMin) + outMin;

    // Ensure this code runs after the Verge3D app is fully initialized
    // You might need to place this inside a function that’s called after app initialization

    // Add an event listener to the slider in the parent document to update LED widths on change
    parent.document.getElementById(your_element_id’).addEventListener(‘input’, updateLEDWidths);

    in reply to: Can’t Animate Light Scale/Size #72254

    I’m using area lights representing LED strips built into furniture. For example, when the furniture’s width changes, I need the lenghth of the area light to change accordingly

    in reply to: Problem with parenting to a vertex #71519

    Any update on this issue since then?

    I’m trying to do the same thing, parenting text to a single vertex of an object to move the text whenever the object is deformed via shape keys.

    However, I’m getting a lot of strange behaviors when trying it out on the engine. Sometimes the entire model itself won’t even load.

    Is there any way around this?

    in reply to: Retrieve objects size #70939

    Awesome insight, got it to work now. Thanks for the help Xeon!

    in reply to: Retrieve objects size #70898


    I’m trying to use this puzzle, but it doesn’t work with morphed objects. The manual says “The puzzle has some limitations. For morphed objects, it returns maximum dimensions the object can be morphed to”.

    Is there any way to get dynamic measurements for objects as they are morphed? An example would be to get the current width of an object as it is changed by the user (set morph factor puzzle).

    in reply to: Puzzle Order Button same TAB #70086

    In fact, you can use just the puzzle send data to invoke that link (e.g. https://www.thecustomshop.be/winkelmand/?add-to-cart=1360)
    This way your page won’t be reloaded.

    Hello, Yuri and all.

    I’ve encountered the same issue, but I don’t quite understand this answer you gave. No matter what I do, the puzzle always opens the URL in a new tab. I tried altering the following code in the “placeOrder” function in visual_logic.js:

    form.setAttribute(‘target’, ‘v3d_view’);

    form.setAttribute(‘target’, ‘_top);

    That worked, but it’s useless since every time I save the puzzles, it overwrites this file.

    Could anyone please help me get this puzzle to open the URL in the same browser tab?

    in reply to: One App To Rule Them All #70033

    Awesome, that makes a lot of sense. I’ll look into how to make that work. Thanks again for the help!

    in reply to: One App To Rule Them All #70029

    JavaScript and J-query may be your solution depending on security needs and data length.

    Let me try to clarify what I’m trying to achieve.

    Hypothetical answer: Yes, it’s quite possible. There are several variants. Depends on what you want to get.

    Alright! That’s awesome to know that at least it is possible. Sorry if the question was initially confusing, but I have very limited coding and overall tech knowledge. I’ll try to make it clearer based on a specific use case I’d like to achieve:

    I have several apps on my Verge3D App Manager (each related to a configurator of a specific product). In each of these apps, I created a tab called LISTS, where I assign lists of material names and prices to specific variables (e.g. Variable1 = Material1, Material2, Material3, and so forth). I use these lists within the Puzzles to calculate prices, assign materials to objects, etc. Each product app has this same list of materials and prices.

    However, sometimes the materials I use in the products change, and material prices from suppliers also change from time to time. So, when this happens, I need to manually open the Puzzles in each App and manually change the respective names or prices in the lists under each LISTS tab.

    What I’d like to do is to have a MASTER app (or a master visual_logic.js file), containing these lists, and whenever I change this visual_logic.js file (for example, changing specific material names or prices), it would automatically change the visual_logic.js files of all other apps, reflecting these new material names and prices, without me having to open the Puzzles in each app and making these changes one by one.

    The idea is basically to be able to automate bulk changes in Puzzles (JS code) shared by completely separate and independent Verge3D Apps.

    in reply to: One App To Rule Them All #69793

    People, be more clear in your questions!

    The hypothetical question has a purpose. I realize there may be simpler ways to save specific values, but the ultimate goal is to change more complex puzzles and variables, which I believe may only be able to be achieved by answering the original question, hence its “hypothetical” nature. The goal was not to solve this particular issue regarding material prices, I ultimately came to it in an attempt to clarify the question. But the goal is a bit more ambitious, so the “hypothetical” question sparks insight and thought into whether that would be a possibility or not.

    But I really appreciate your answer and help on the matter, as always!

    in reply to: One App To Rule Them All #69791

    Are the supposed to be active at the same time? Or you want to change some values via the Master app and when one of those apps is launched it will take and apply those changes?

    There is no need to apply the changes in real time. If the other apps apply the changes made via the Master app upon launching either the html file or the puzzles, that would work perfectly.

    The initial end-goal is to be able to change specific variable numbers in bulk (all of my apps have the same price list of materials. Whenever these material prices change, I have to update them one by one in each separate app. What I’d like to do is update these prices in a “master” app and automatically update the prices in all “child” apps.

    Then, if that works, it would be great to be able to change other kinds of variables in bulk. I believe this would be a great feature for managing product configurators.

    in reply to: One App To Rule Them All #69788

    Hi, Xeon.

    Thanks so much for answering!

    I did in fact mean completely separate Verge3D applications (e.g. creating a “Master” app in Verge3D to control variables in the “Farmers Journey”, “Furniture Configurator” and “Jewelry Configurator” apps (just to exemplify what I meant by “app”)). The idea is to be able to control specific variables in multiple separate and completely independent apps locally on my computer (either by creating a “master” app or in any other way that can change the variables in all other apps simultaneously.

    in reply to: Saving changes made in the Application! #68595

    you could basically stuff that ‘.sav’ into a local storage key

    No, localStorage is not used. It can store string values only and it’s too small to store some serious scene. All parameters are exported into .gltf file and then restored from it.

    That’s pretty impressive! Could you give us mortal non-coders maybe a little bit more to go on? Would it be possible to see the puzzles to try and figure out how you accomplished this?


    in reply to: Changing html text with puzzles #67449

    Update for future reference:

    I set the ID “pricetag” to the <p> element in the HTML file and it worked when the Set Prop puzzle was by itself. It wasn’t working when it was inside the price_recount procedure created to update product price based on client selections in the configurator.

    The reason it wasn’t working is because the procedure was set, but not called.

    Now everything seems to be working correctly. Thanks again for the help!

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    in reply to: Changing html text with puzzles #67445

    Tried setting the id “pricetag” to p in the index.html file (<p id=”pricetag”> R$ 2500 </p>) but it still didn’t work.

    I’m trying to learn about querySelector and did a few tries, calling <p> content via type (“p”), id (“#pricetag”) and class (“.pricetag”) in the querySelector puzzle. None of them worked.

    I also tried placing a JS exec script puzzle with the following code:

    var x = document.getElementById(“texto_preco”);
    x.querySelector(“p”).innerHTML = “Hello World!”;

    That also didn’t work.

    What could I be missing?
    Thanks for the help once again.

    in reply to: Can’t enter AR on iOS using button in parent doc #67281

    And one more very important thing:

    won’t do for the AR button in iOS. Only will do.

    I think that is probably the issue, right? I’ll try to figure out how to use in this case. Thanks for the help!

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