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Affiliate Program

Soft8Soft Affiliate Program

Spread the word about Verge3D and earn money. Simple as that!

We are excited to see how fast Verge3D community is evolving. Every day, new articles, tutorials, videos and discussions appear on the Internet. These activities inspire us to put even more efforts in the development, motivate us to keep adding more features, improving the usability and robustness of our framework.

Our best affiliates

People around the globe advocate 3D web technologies among friends and coworkers, promote Verge3D in their companies and organisations. We believe that such incredible attitude and trust should be rewarded. That’s the idea behind the Affiliate Program.

How it works

Sign up for Soft8Soft Affiliate Program. Once approved, start spreading the word about Verge3D. You can provide a special link to our website to become eligible for your reward. Once the visitors use your link, our website remembers them and you will get your sales commission if they make a purchase sometime later.

25% sales commission

goes to you as a reward for
your efforts in promoting Verge3D

30 day cookie expiration

period during which we remember all visitors
that use your link

Participating in our Affiliate Program is both easy and transparent. After signing up, you will be given the access to the admin interface for checking the performance stats of your promotions in real time.

The Affiliate Area page will also automatically calculate your rewards. We will pay you shortly after each purchase using a preferred payment method (such as Paypal or bank wire transfer).

Some examples

Simply provide the link to your readers, subscribers or followers. You can always check the stats of your promotions on the Affiliate Area page.

So if someone from your audience decides to purchase a Verge3D Team license ($990), your reward would be $247.50.

When your company decides to make a purchase, propose your link or the discount coupon to your company’s accounting department. Alternatively, contact us to ensure that your affiliate status is reserved for that purchase.

So if your company decides to purchase a Verge3D Enterprise license ($2990), your reward would be $747.5.

Beware of conflict of interest! Always follow the rules and procedures within your company. In some places getting commission from a company’s purchases is OK, while others may strictly forbid this activity. If you’re unsure, contact your management and ask before your company makes a purchase under the Affiliate Program.

Just share your referral link! Any time somebody makes a purchase using that link, you will be rewarded with 25% of the total sum of purchase.

So if someone from your friends decides to purchase the Verge3D Freelance license ($290), your reward would be $72.5.

We will be glad to establish a long-term cooperation with you! Got any questions regarding this program? Feel free to contact us.


  • How is an affiliate tracked?

When you promote Verge3D you can use a referral URL which typically looks like this:


When a customer clicks this link and lands on the Soft8Soft website, your affiliate ID (123 in the example above) is stored in a cookie, within the customer’s browser. If the customer makes a purchase, the affiliate that the customer is tracking is awarded commission on the sale.

  • How long does the referral link stay valid?

The link’s expiration is set to 30 days. Note, a user may clear their browser cookies at any time, in which case the affiliate will no longer be tracked. 

  • Can affiliates refer themselves and earn commission on their own purchases?

No, this is not allowed by the Affiliate Program terms.

  • Is the affiliate tracked across all pages of the site?

Yes! Since your affiliate’s ID is stored in a cookie, the affiliate is tracked across all pages on the site.