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Creating a text-based configurator

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    Hi, I am not a very code savvy person so forgive me in seeking guidance.

    I want to create a configurator based on the code being input into the text field. This is because I want be able to utilize an order code generated from a software to show what the products looks like when putting the code into the text field.

    For example, the order code roughly should be like this : XX-A2A3-B2B3 where “XX” is the model of the device, and “A2” “A3” are the different accessories on the devices. So the order code shows which accessories on what devices.

    I know we can create a text input field in verge3d and also get witch letter within the text field. But I just can’t seems to wrap my head around it.

    Any help would be super grateful.


    to create a HTML text form that a user can use to enter the code:

    to find your individual codes within you part number:

    Your order code number has a specific format. First two letters are model number so you can separate your order code by saying first two letters are the model number….letters 5 and 6 are accessories. Since 7 and 8 are also acessories and I have no idea how many accessories you are going to have you will have to create some logic that will determine the position of the first and second dash and then calculate the number of letters and then divide by two to get the total count of accessories. Then you can loop through them to get the individual accessory codes.

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    Ok great, thanks for the guide. I’ll give it ago and see how far I can reach.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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