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Problem with too many objects?

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    Hi – I’m trying to visualize a warehouse with up to 15,000 different locations where pallets are stored. As a first experiment I created a scene in the blender with <3,000 cubes with gray color – in Verge3d puzzles I import a CSV with all pallet spaces and their status (free or in use) and then change the material: if it is free, then green, if blocked, then red.
    I’m actually very proud to have come this far ;-)

    But: it loads very, very slowly – as you can see in the attached image, I have thousands of render calls (as I understand, each object generates a render call?) – and if I go on like this, up to 15,000 objects. …

    Ok – any idea what I can do alternatively? Merging the cubes in the blender would be the standard because I don’t plan animations with it, but then I can’t change the material in detail … what can I do?

    Thanks for every tip ….


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    You may use batch puzzle to merge them after they all loaded.

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    Hi -I just tried, but I get an error – please see the attached picture – maybe I use it on the wrong way?

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    the batched puzzle needs to more specific to the objects you want to batch.


    You would have assign it a collection or material vs all objects.

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    I tried this of course with collections, but with the same result…I get an error only…”Uncaught TypeError: v3d.BufferGeometryUtils.batchMeshes is not a function”



    the batching feature was added in Verge3D 3.7, but the console prints version 3.6.1. Please make sure you updated your application for the new version.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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