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Object errors and Opacity issues.

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    Hello. I am doing a project and I am noticing issues with pieces of the 3D model that has proper topology disappearing or looking like there is issues with normals. Also I have a back piece of a chair that looks fine with a standard physical material, but when I add a cut-off map or transparency there is weird artifacts. I am using an older version of Verge3D that is a few months old, I’ve been reluctant to update to a newer version since I”m in the middle of a client project, however I will chance it, if it will fix the problems? I am attaching images to show artifacts. Please help.

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    you probably have layered transparent surfaces. You might try disabling depth writes for your material: https://www.soft8soft.com/docs/manual/en/blender/Transparency.html#alpha_add

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    This is the 3ds Max part of the forum, or did I post in the wrong section? I’m using 3ds Max, not Blender, so unfortunately this doesn’t help me.


    Can you share your max file?

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