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Augmented Reality in the Browser

We are excited to inform you that augmented reality is finally coming to the Web! The AR feature can now be enabled in the recently released Chrome 76 for Android.

And what is even more exciting, you can now create web-based AR content in an artist-friendly style. You can do interactivity, animation, sounds – something that goes way beyond primitive AR web viewers offered nowadays. All this is now available to AR content creators empowered by Verge3D!

Users can immerse themselves into AR with a mobile device capable of running ARCore aka Google Play Services for AR (same backend used by once popular Pokémon Go). The installation of this package is prompted automatically upon entering AR mode for the first time, if not pre-installed.

On the browser side, AR is offered by the in-development WebXR technology. Nevertheless, you can try it right now: type chrome://flags in the address bar and then find and enable these WebXR options:

Launch the above-videoed demo from your WebXR-enabled Android device!

Developer notes

You can do AR the Verge way – without coding – by leveraging the visual logic editor. The minimal sufficient set of puzzles that does the work is shown below:

You can find all the source files of the demo inside the Verge3D 2.14 preview 1 build (for now Blender only, 3ds Max version of this demo is coming soon).

For faster iterations during development, you can use Chrome’s port forwarding feature to run your AR app in mobile browser. This will save you from re-uploading it to a remote web server each time.

Finally, be sure to have HTTPS enabled on your website (a WebXR requirement), or just deploy your apps on Verge3D Network.

In Closing

See what else is included in the upcoming Verge3D 2.14 in this forum post. We’d be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions!

Update (Aug 9)

As promised, we deliver the Max version of the AR demo – check out the source files in the pre2 build!

By Yuri Kovelenov

Chief 3D Verger


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