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Verge3D 2.14 pre1 & pre2 available!

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    We are glad to announce the beginning of the next release cycle! The bunch of new awesomeness coming to Verge3D includes AR support, font loading and texture-from-text puzzles, among other things.

    UPDATE Post below was updated for pre2!

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    Augmented Reality in the Browser

    You can make your web apps AR-capable thanks to tireless WebXR working group now stabilizing the specification. The AR feature which can be enabled in the recently released Chrome 76 for Android.

    Read more about AR and how to enable it from this blog article.

    In addition to the demo described in the blog post, we implemented an AR mode switch in our Industrial robot demo in addition to VR (both Max and Blender versions). Due to the natural size of the robot, AR works best in big rooms with visible floor corners.

    VR Updates

    To reflect recent changes in the WebXR specification, we renamed the init VR mode puzzle to check VR mode, as it is now not necessary to initialize the VR mode before trying to enter it.

    Also the enter VR mode puzzle received new options: room (for bounded environments such as rooms or exhibition booths), looking around (previously called looking from origin), and viewer locked (all objects are parented to VR headset space).

    Texture From Text

    Thanks to this awesome puzzle, you can now create textures from text on the fly and use them in your 3D scene. Imagine personalized products, gifts, 3D/VR interfaces and other endless opportunities offered by this feature!

    A custom font can be easily added to an application for use with that puzzle (or with HTML puzzles) by loading it from file (or URL) on the init stage.

    We plan enabling more operations with textures including blurring and generating normal maps.

    Blender-Max Version Sync

    The Blender version additionally received the features included in Verge3D 2.13 for 3ds Max released 3 weeks after the Blender counterpart (actually, one feature was removed, see below).

    We changed class to className in the get attr puzzle’s dropdown as this is a correct JavaScript property name.

    Some properties for handling HTML5 audio and video elements were added to the set/get attr puzzles: loop, muted, duration, ended, paused and volume. Also we added the ended event in the HTML event puzzle.

    Debug puzzles category is now called System. It now includes the feature available puzzle which was moved from Misc. In the System category you will also find new puzzles – set screen scale and native screen scale – which you can use to properly handle Retina displays and to tweak rendering quality and performance of your WebGL apps.

    The example above increases the WebGL canvas’ resolution on desktops (Retina or not), so that the resulting rendering becomes much sharper.

    There is a new puzzle called system date/time which you can use for adding clocks, calendars, organizers etc features to your apps.

    New Dictionary puzzles are available. One of them, get keys, will be useful for retrieving and iterating through all keys in a dictionary.

    The puzzle check key examines if some key is present in a dictionary.

    The last puzzle, is empty, checks if a specified dictionary contains no data.

    You will also notice the absence of the Facebook GLB export option as this feature is no longer offered by Facebook.

    Other Things

    We fixed a rather serious issue in Blender version related to shape keys, so they are now exported when a mesh have the Normals > Auto Smooth option enabled or when it contains polygons with number of vertices more than 4 (pentagons, hexagons, etc). This fix opens the road to implementing proper support for controlling shape keys within Puzzles – hello parametric objects!

    A puzzle for setting the direction of objects is available (in addition to the previously implemented getter counterpart). You can use it for orienting objects towards view direction, for example.

    The HTML element representing the default rotating preloader received an id – v3d_preloader_container – so you can now customize the preloader with CSS.

    Try it out!

    As usual, you can get the preview build from the downloads page. We are eager to hear how AR and the other features work for you!

    Aug, 9 – Preview 2 build available!
    As promised, we deliver the Max version of the AR demo – check out the source files in the pre2 build!

    Also in this update we allowed the SSR and simple refraction puzzles to accept lists of materials, not just single materials.

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Yesss…. :good:


    Outstanding!! Good work guys!!! Thanks for your support!


    Woooow You the best!

    Very excited about AR Features & the Text object as texture! this was highly needed! thank you so much !!!

    :heart: :heart: :heart:


    Nice!!!! :yahoo:


    Great work!


    Thank you guys! :)

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Nice update, just having a quick look now.

    The “Set Screen Scale puzzle” is not in the “Init” tab, only in Main tab, is that intentional?

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    The “Set Screen Scale puzzle” is not in the “Init” tab, only in Main tab, is that intentional?

    Yep, on the Init stage there is no renderer as such it’s not possible to set scale factor. You can safely set it later on the main tab though.

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    WOW! This is great! Keep it up! :)


    Excelent. :good:
    Will be better if augmented_reality.max file will be saved in 3ds max 2018


    Will be better if augmented_reality.max file will be saved in 3ds max 2018

    Thanks for heads up! We added the 2017+ version file and re-uploaded the build.

    Soft8Soft Tech Chief
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