Updating for new versions

Verge3D is always in active development with regular releases happening from time to time. There is also the pre-release channel of updates with new versions coming even more often. We recommend you to keep in pace with the development cycle and timely update your Verge3D distribution and applications.

Update Verge3D installation

Backup your current Verge3D folder by renaming it (from "verge3d" to "verge3d_old", for example).
Download and unpack the latest Verge3D bundle in a fresh folder with the same name (that is, "verge3d").
By using the same name for the fresh folder you can avoid re-configuring paths in the 3D editor of your choice.

Update applications

Method #1 (Simple) - update only the engine runtime

Simply copy the entire folder with your application to the applications folder of the fresh Verge3D installation. After launching the App Manager, your app name should appear in the list of apps. Click the round update button on the right to update the Verge3D runtime for your app.
Under the hood, this will just override the file v3d.js in your app folder with the fresh file from verge3d/build/v3d.js.

Method #2 (Clean) - update everything in your app

Even if it means more work, prefer re-initializing your apps instead of just copying app folders from your old Verge3D folder. This way your apps will receive all latest improvements including updated app templates and other app-level functionality. If you simply copy your apps, they will keep using older templates and sometimes, although rarely, may even break.
To perform clean updating, in the App Manager type the name of your app in the "Create new App" window and click "Create App" button.
Copy .max or .blend files, all the textures/sounds and the Puzzles scenario file visual_logic.xml from your old app folder to the newly created app folder (located within "verge3d/applications"). Override files if you're asked so.
Finally, you should perform exporting to glTF so that the exported format receives the latest updates. If you were using Puzzles in your app, be sure to re-save your scenario in the Puzzles editor so that the generated code matches the newest version of the engine.
Important! If you changed anything in your application's .html, .css or .js files, be sure to cherry-pick these changes from the older app.

Restore Puzzles library

If you were adding new entries in the Puzzles library, you can restore it after updating by copying the file verge3d/puzzles/library.xml to the fresh installation folder and overriding the old file.

Re-activate your license

You should enter the license key each time you update to a new version, otherwise your apps may render the trial watermark when running.

Known issues and troubleshooting

On rare occasions the Puzzles button can disappear for your app in the App Manager. Please perform clean updating to fix this.
On rare occasions the Puzzles editor may fail to load after updating. Please reset your browser settings to fix this.
If after updating some feature got broken, please report this on the forums so that we can investigate the problem and issue a correcting release.