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Verge3D with Woocommerce and Custom react configuration components

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    Question is with reference to the below (and the other products under shop):

    We have developed chair models for a client’s website, added verge 3d to them, and uploaded the models to our wordpress instance/linked them to products.

    We then wrote react code that allowed us to have custom dropdowns and selects to configure the product and model.

    Our initial implementation was to adjust the traditional woocommerce dropdown’s selected index once our custom dropdown was modified, with the hope that both verge and woocommerce would recognize this change and ajust themselves. We tried this and saw that the verge 3d model did not change when we changed the selected index.

    I then spent hours digging into the verge3D plugins javascript to figure out how to get the model to update. I ended up copying some of the plugin code, which contained a post request, and that seems to work.

    However, we still find things to be a little janky and rather slow. We are unsure if its our hacky implementation, our server or a combination of both.
    1) Could someone please give our site a look and let us know where/what we could improve? The react, the server, the hacky integration? Is there a cleaner way I could have done this? A copy of the react code is in the browser if you look under sources.

    We are also buying the full verge 3d, which will give us access to the Verge3D Network.
    2) How do we use woocommerce with verge3d network, and the Verge3d plugin. It seems as tho with the plugin you have to upload your model to your wp server. There is no option to provide an externally hosted link.

    Perhaps the answer to (1) will be the answer to (2).

    Would really appreciate a response as whenever I email support they tell me to post on here…


    So support won’t help over email, and no one replies on the forums. That’s great. Should I even buy the product then?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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