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tween camera puzzle function request

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    Currently, the camera tween puzzle uses a specified time to move from Point A to point B regardless of the distance between Point A and Point B.

    This not so bad if the distance between locations is relatively large but when the distance is very small…you still have to wait the requested seconds regardless.

    As an exaggerated example. If we use a tween camera puzzle with time set to 2 seconds. If Point A is at mile marker 0 and Point B is at mile marker 100. The camera will travel 100 miles in 2 seconds. Which is great…we don’t want to wait a long time. However, if I need to move from Point A at mile marker 0 and to Point C which is 2 inches away the same Tween Camera takes 2 seconds.

    What we need is for the Tween Camera to have the ability to determine the max range it can be at, the location that it is at and then determine the relative time it should take to move from one point to the next. In our example above, traveling from Point A to Point B could take 2 seconds but the time to move from A to C would be a fraction of a second.

    new tween time = (current cam location / camera max location)* tweentime

    This, of course, can be done through puzzles but it would be much easier if it’s a built-in function.

    my two cents

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    Thank you for this suggestion! I think it is worth thinking about. :good:

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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