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Texture baking max size and multi-threaded

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    It would be very helpful to be able to set the max texture bake size in Verge export settings from 3dsmax. This would drastically cut down some export times on iterating bigger scenes. Right now I’m getting a lot of 4K maps. Also the export process should be multi-threaded, it isn’t 1995 any more.
    Here also being able to export only parts of the scene is also missed dearly.

    I assume you guys don’t develop with bigger scenes in mind but I want to use Verge3D for our whole portfolio including walk-able architecture / virtual showrooms / exhibitions and bigger industrial workflows. For now we had to bake down from Verge most of the time for the bigger projects and use Unreal or classic 360 panorama HTML scenes or explicit app programming (which sucks compared to Verges flexibility and easy of use and program in js).


    Thank you for the feedback! We’ll discuss this with out team :good:

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    To give you a perspective, this is a typical medium sized scene (still stripped of all too unholy big meshes like kitchen appliances, small goodies or complicated plants (they will be taken care of and simplified in later process)) right after the export to verge. Still full of problems and about 1.7 million polys with hundreds 3dsmax Physical materials raw converted from VRay materials. This puppy gives me 290 2K baked Verge maps adding up to another 220 textures it’s straight funnel through untouched. It will need a lot of material tweaking and light baking to make it pretty. A lot of work by itself.
    The export takes on my 16 cores Threadripper about 5 minutes using only ONE of the 16/32 cores. You can perhaps imagine that iterating through the whole scene with this ridiculous times is impossible.
    Bin size 58.4 MB / packed 16 MB, gltf 1475 KB to 65 KB (kudos for this your packing is great)

    Verge scene:

    Like you see it now it’s totaling 42 MB

    The goal is to get it to look as near as possible to this rendered look:

    So you need to test it bit by bit, but Verge can’t export sub-scenes right now only the whole thing.
    You have to split it up in multiple max files, test/export them on their own and rejoin it later. On top of changing assets, tight deadlines and customers changing the thing an a daily basis. At some point you have to iterate on the whole. Everytime waiting for 290 textures to bake in glorious 2k despite you would only need them in 256-512 at least for testing. Then post process (rescale, some color correction) all exported textures to get the whole thing down to a manageable download size and after opening also fits into an ordinary office GPU or iPad memory.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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