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Significant drop in app performance

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    Hello, we have deployed our product in testing enviroment, using onrender.com. The performance of our app on has significantly dropped since last updates, now varying a lot from even sometimes 0 to 50 fps from previously stable 50-60 fps. We were wondering if it was possible for you to help us troubleshoot what is happening with the app, and what could affect it’s performance. We want to optimize our app, and bring the feel of the stable 50-60 fps performance
    here is the link:



    The scene looks quite optimized, however some things can be improved.

    1) There are 3 narrow textures of 16384 pixel size which might not work very for some hardware configurations. Try to reduce them to 8192.

    2) IBL map is 512 px size, you can safely reduce it to 256 px.

    3) It appears you set native screen resolution for your canvas… this is OK for most desktops, but really an overkill on mobile devices which tend to have displays with higher pixel density.

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    Funny thing(not so funny actually) we haven’t been able to find those 16384 pixel textures.
    Do know where to find them?


    that’s a shape key texture. you won’t find it, it’s created by the v3d engine. the more vertices – the longer textures. 16384*3 means that your mesh has ~49k vertices.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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