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Set origin on center of object to change position

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    I am having trouble centering an object on another as the size (it’s a text object) change when the user change the text. In blender I have placed the origin as the “Center of Mass”. However when converted and opened in Verge3D, the position is made relative to the left side of the object.

    When the size of the text increase or decrease it is impossible to adjust its position and center it on X without knowing the new dimension. If I could update its position relative to its center that would be easy as the center coordinate of the other object is fixed.

    Could you help on this ?
    Is there anyway to get dimension of an object (and not scale) ?
    Is there anyway to have the origin of an object at its center for position change ?

    Thank you !!
    Best regards


    Victor can you provide the source file so I can provide you the solution




    I’ve made 2 plug-ins to add to my Object Management Plugin Pack.
    They are “Get Center Of Object” and “Get Dimensions Of Object”.
    I’ll probably have them added in the next day or so.


    Hi both,
    Thank you for your quick answer.
    There is not much I can provide you to help (the 3D is unfortunately confidential) but I can describe the case as detailed as possible.

    I have a 3D with an object (a rectangle), with a text above it. The text can be change through Verge3D and the UI. However when the size of the text change it is not centered anymore on the rectangle as it’s position is anchored to the left of it.

    In order to recenter it, I have 2 options :
    – Have its position defined by the center and not the left side, this would solve the problem immediately
    – Know the new size of the text and given the size of the rectangle that is fixed, calculate the new position of the left anchored. This requires knowing the dimension of the text and I don’t think there is a puzzle for that.

    Let me know if this can be solved or when the plug-in would be available ?

    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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