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Running Verge3D exporter with Maxscript?

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    Essentially I am creating a script to export 100 GLTF files from 100 Max files at once and trying to automate this.

    I can call up the Verge3D exporter with the maxscript
    macros.run "Verge3D" "exportGLTF"

    I’d like to specify through code the output location and filename, and also prevent this dialog from opening. Since the GLTF format isn’t listed inside the normal File > Export settings and instead done in the Verge 3D menu, how can this be done?



    you need to execute python exporter method directly, e.g to export to your home directory:

    python.Execute "max_plugin.exportGLTFPath('c:\\\users\\\name\\\myexport.gltf')"

    Use \\\ instead of \ to escape your subdirectories.

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    Thank you, this is 100% exactly what I needed! :good:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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