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    I created a basic html page, that loads the project file in a iframe as in numerous examples from verge3D.
    As in the examples, I also have some HTML code that sets the preloader image & loader bar.
    My tweaks on the logo & loader bar colors are all in the project .css file, and is working fine. This according to the Çustomizing Preloader’ section in the documentation.

    What I don’t seem to get working this way, is how te hide the UI buttons etc. at start. When I load the index.html, I see the loader -and- the UI buttons etc. at the same time, before the project page is loaded.

    It’s very distracting, and I looked at the examples html/code & puzzles, but cannot figure it out for now. In the examples there’s a distinct separation between the two pages while loading.

    cheers for any replies,


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    If you need your elements to be hidden, simply hide them with CSS and then unhide upon your app loaded.

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    Hello robwu01,

    can you please tell me how and with which program you created your individual

    preloader image & loader bar ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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