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“On Event” puzzle “submit” option?

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    Maybe I’m missing something, but when using an ‘input’ element, using ‘change’ or ‘input’ with the “on event” puzzle don’t help with delivering the input value.
    change will work.. but that means the input has to be different than any default value you give.
    i’d like the option of using the default field value that i supply.

    I’m looking for ‘submit’, and it’s not on the dropdown options list.
    I think this is very important.
    submit would be when enter is pressed after text is entered, OR if a default value is there and the only thing pressed is ‘enter’.
    Am i missing a different puzzle here?


    Please elaborate a bit what do you mean. When some change happens in the “input” element, either “change” or “input” get triggered and you can get your text via “target.value” property. If you create not a text input, but a checkbox, you might need to get the value via “checked” property (though having “target.checked” value would be handy, going to add this in our TODO list).

    As for “submit” it won’t be of any help to you, as this event should be triggered when the entire form (not a single input element) gets “submited” (for example to send data to the server). In case of the single input you better use “keydown” event and check whether the “key” property” is equal to “Enter” (see Keyboard Controls snippet in the stock Puzzles library).

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    I’ll try your solution.
    To clarify, I was looking for a method to execute the form input WITH a default parameter (value) already set in the field.
    Nothing works except for placing a space after the default input.. Then making code arrangements for having that space made. :good:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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