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Need helps to tell the methods of features in LG smart Home

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    Hi Guys,
    Does anyone know the methods to make that features in LG smart home?
    Please help me if you know that. Thanks!

    1. I see the some checkpoints in that home. It is quite convenient for user to click the points to move there, especially when using smart phone.

    2. there are some options when clicking the electronic appliances, it is good to link youtube video and other things.

    3. I see the lighting are very good. Is it Eevee rending engine?

    4. The TV is playing a video, looks great!

    5. the World scene looks good, is possible to make it by blender and how?


    Really need your help!


    All of this can be created using Verge3D, Blender and some HTML/CSS.

    1. There are puzzles within Verge3d that will allow you to tween your camera from location to location as shown in this video. You can use objects, conditions, HTML, etc for the user to click on to move.

    2. Links can be objects, html elements, video, etc. When a user selects an annotation or object you can create HTML/CSS that will give yourself a menu system based on your design.

    3. Lighting in Verge 3D is not EEVEE. Blender usese EEVEE and will give you a good idea of how things will look in Verge3d once you export your files. Verge3D is built on Threejs. The background image is either an environment map HDR or potentially something mapped on a larger object depending on how they did their lighting. Verge3d when using Blender allows you to use Light Probes that will create some reflection. It also allows you to use spot, point and area lights, but depending on your project load you may be better off baking the lighting effects to your textures.

    4. Video playback is a feature in Verge3d

    5. This entire project could be made in blender then exported.. puzzles created, HTML/CSS created…get it all linked up. For an environment…set up your world texture with an HDR image.

    Now this particular demo…is all baked…textures, shadows…lighting…etc. The blender Global Illumniation demo that comes with Verge3d will show you how to do all of this.

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    All lighting baked in this scene only some of object (mostly main) works with environment, but I don’t think this scene has even a one point light.

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    Really Thanks for your answers.
    One more question about this:
    I see that the LG smart home only consume little GPU usage when viewing it. The view is very smooth either viewing in PC and smart phone. But for my project, I can see it is smooth in PC but the GPU usage is quite high (80-90% usage 1060 display card). In andriod smart phone, it is quite lag.

    What factors to ensure the low GPU usage and the smooth views for both PC and smart phones?
    Thanks Guys! :)

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    From my experiences…eliminate light sources. Bake as much as you can. Simplify your geometry to the extreme using textures to give you details…dont model them. Minimize textures draw calls by using multiple texture atlas files. This particular scene is very simple. You can look at the code, calls and files using the Googles Developer console window…because this stuff is stored local you can gather it all up and review it all yourself locally to see how they did it.

    There are some good guides in the Verge3d manual under performance enhancments that will help you get there. In this LG example, they put performance above quality…which is why it looks so bad / heavily compressed. They use the same objects and probably cloning use the same colors and textures for multiple objects…typical gaming tricks.

    But overall it’s super lightweight…which is why it performs so quickly. It’s up to you as the artists/producer to weigh the balance between speed and quality. It’s a fine line to get the balance right. Whoever put this together went all-in on performance. This is because the LG products are pretty much all rectangular and are just mapped…so didn’t need detail in other things. So bake, bake, bake to JPG and compress the hell out of the JPG and you should get similar results if your gltf is small.

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    Thanks Xeon,
    Can you explain more on how to make a video on the Television? :good:

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