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    Alex, special request: can you please help me unlock the power of lightening/plasma arcs in my Verge3d projects?

    This thing:

    That is so cool… (along with all the other example codes you put up there). Problem for me as a newb coder, is I can’t figure out where to even get started trying to merge any of those wonderful code examples into a Verge3d project.

    This tutorial helped me figure out how to get start working custom javascript into my project but now I am looking for something a little more exciting than writing “hello world” to tinker with, like plasma arcs!

    Maybe for starters just trim it down to the ‘electric cones’ scene and show how we can code in 2 objects from our Verge3d scene to be the start and end point for the electric discharge, and a list of a few parameters we can tweak?

    That would be much appreciated! Once I start to figure this all out I can start doing some youtube tutorials that I will imagine will inspire many more to come over to verge3d.

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