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max video size in Verge3D?

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    I’m trying create a system of 3D interconnected 360 panorama points. Moving through a 3d world from point to point but on the point it blends over into 360 panorama-videos mapped on a sphere. So I need as big as possible videos and just discovered that althought Chrome is fine with playing my short 8K mp4 or webm videos, Verge isn’t. What is the max size in pixel allowed?

    I really need them 8K, 4K is not enough for 360 videos.


    I doubt if WebGL can handle 8K video textures at all :scratch: What are you seeing? Crashing/freezing tab, errors in the browser console or both?

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    the console is your best friend :good:

    “has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header”

    Your https://cdn.soft8soft.com/videos/yellow_fish.mp4 own demo video don’t trigger a CORS error from local Verge play.

    It don’t run from local, Verge3d folder and video on same domain works.

    Performance is great for webm, a lot worse for mp4 (2-5 fps here)
    see for yourself:

    webm version:
    mp4 version:

    click on the box

    8K raw Videos:
    https://www.mediaprojekt.tv/show/verge/panotest.webm / .mp4

    Not our video, please don’t publish, it’s a test-clip from the net, we will go into coding parameter with our own videos as soon as our product starts taking shape.
    tested on newest Chrome browser

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    glad you worked it out! looks nice :good:
    BTW the browser allows you to auto-play muted videos (there is a ‘mute’ puzzle for that).

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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