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macOS 12.3+ lower render resolution?

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    Hi Verge,

    we have noticed that latest Safari 12.3.1 is somehow rendering pictures in lower resolution, making it uglier/aliased – attached are rendeders from same scene rendered in Edge and Safari on MacOS.

    – Problem seems to be Browser issue (Edge works well) and engine-independent.
    – Browser is reporting same values for window.devicePixelRatio (2) for both working older version and new 12.3.1
    – We have tried following workaround with setting setPixelRatio but it does not seem to have desired effect (way up to draining 3.0 is still noticably aliased)

    function setScreenScale(factor) {
    	// update also postprocessing as well if available
        if (!appInstance.useHiDPIRenderPass && isFunction(appInstance.renderer.setPixelRatio))
        if (appInstance.postprocessing && isFunction(appInstance.postprocessing.composer.setPixelRatio))
    	appInstance.onResize(); // refresh screen

    Our customers are complaining about picture quality. Please can we report this to Apple and/or have some workaround this? :good:

    thank you very much in advance,

    Petr from Precismo

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    in one case HD is off… maybe, they should click on that button to turn HD on? or is it inactive and unclickable? btw, what version of Verge3D is used? for example, 3.9.1 reduces screenscale on my iPhone and the result picture looks really ugly ))) 3.9.0 (and lower) dosn’t do this

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    Hi, yes, we have “quality button” we have implemented ourselves but does not work on Safari+IOS. It uses mentioned code.


    Looks like Apple Safari from version 12.3.1 is shomhow degrading render resolution of 3D. Setting render scale way up to 3 does not seem to help.

    Edge looks correct on same machine.


    So Edge is a chromium browser built on WebKit. So this means it uses the same renderer as Safari and Chrome. So if all is equal your Edge results should match Chrome. Is this correct?

    So far in all our testing with Safari and OSX12.3.1 we are not having the edge issues you are encountering.

    So my initial thought is it might be scene related. We know Safari is picky. Any chance you could strip down your scene file to a single component that is causing the issue and share?

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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