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iOS and iPadOS issues

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    1. Since iOS 13, iOS and Mobile Device detectors don’t seem to work anymore. Only touchscreen detection works. (see some information here.)
    2. There is significant gradient banding (in Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers) on an iPad. (On a small iPhone screen it is less clear so I only noticed this since I have an iPad that can run WebGL.)
    3. iOS and iPadOS still don’t support WebGL 2.0 and their experimental WebGL 2.0 mode also doesn’t work. Especially lighting and shadows are still problematic on iOS. Hopefully, Apple will start to support WebGL 2 in the foreseeable future but for now, I turn off shadows in Verge3D export settings and sometimes bake shadows as well as sometimes exclude a less important light in a scene for touchscreen devices.

    I hope the 2 first points can be solved within Verge3D. :scratch:


    Thanks for reporting those issues. We’ll take a look!

    There is significant gradient banding (in Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers) on an iPad.

    Can you capture a screenshot?

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    Here are 2 iPad screenshots. Even though the background is softly coloured banding is still visible.


    Thanks for the screenshots. We’ll take a look at this!

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    Hi Simone,

    Regarding iPadOS. Yep, Apple developers made iPads to be detected like regular macOS devices (with Intel hardware). This issue will be fixed in the upcoming minor release 3.1.1.

    About the second issue. Also, starting from the next minor release you will be able to assign the “dithering” property on the World. This feature should greatly reduce the banding artifacts on your background.

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    That’s good news! I’m looking forward to the new release. :yes:
    I also wanted to say that the shading in version 3.1 looks great! It now has this wonderful “sfumato” so everything looks more atmospheric, without losing fine detail (attached screenshot might illustrate what I mean).
    Genious! And now, good chance that this look will be kept on iOS devices.
    Thanks! :rose:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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