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    Browser/operating system: e.g. Chrome 73 / Window 10, Safari / iOS 12

    -default huawei mate phone browser

    What steps will reproduce the problem?

    open my app, link provided on request.

    What is the expected result?

    that the app will open.

    What happens instead?

    It opens all html elements of the index page, but not the v3d-container / iframe.

    Apologies; my customer is not the most technical, but he resports having been able to view on object on sketchfab but nothing from my verge3d application :negative: :scratch:

    Is this a known limitation? Is there something further I can add to my application? He is running it from mobile data, and not a heavily protected network which was my first concern. He also gets past my preloader stage which works perfectly, but the application is black. All my webflow created overlays work perfectly too. :cry:


    We checked Verge3D in the Huawei Browser and it appears to be working just fine. Does the Scooter app work for you?

    Verge3D’s Tech Chief
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    Hi Alex,

    My customer has said the scooter app works fine.

    Would you be able to debug
    my app ?

    I guess at this point it could be any number of things. Physics? Shader compilation?

    The message I am getting is that the iframe is black, but that overlays such as annotations are showing.


    Dear Alexander,

    My customer is still reporting the black iframe for my app. I’m a little confused as to what exactly it means, and how I can debug it. The webflow index.html overlay is still working fine for him, but for the 3d element to just be black is frustrating for him. Ideally I would not rather create a new app where I am adding in one mesh at a time to debug it.

    Can you offer a suggestion? Does the black screen suggest his mobile hardware is not coping with the app? Can it be brought to life just through render and draw call reduction alone?


    Dear Alex,

    See attached files. My customers phone is Huawei p30 lite.

    ANy suggestions on why it might not be working for him?

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    Hi Alexander, Verge Team,

    Would anybody be able to help explain? I am a bit stuck with this issue. It seems inconsistent, but what is consistent is that for these users they get a black screen but with all webflow elements working. This also includes annotations.


    Yikes…with Huawei Mobile having 8% market share globally and 2.47% in the US…. I take it your customers are in China. The Huawei browser is a proprietary browser so unless you have your own Huawei phone or use an online simmulator…you might be in for a tough time trying to figure out what is going on.

    Online simulators listed as having Huawei devices:

    Huawei also has its own developer network and simulator:

    But check your region/country and see what the real usage is for Huawei and then determine if its worth supporting.

    Here in the US we don’t support it at all because it falls below the 5% usage mark.

    Route 66 Digital
    Interactive Solutions


    Oddly enough they’re not! All in the UK! I can only guess that they are becoming desirable as a cheap alternative to iPhones. As a share of ‘users’ testing my app, it forms 75% :wacko: :scratch: :scratch: very tough to know what it could be when it loads effortlessly on iOS.

    They have told me they are using Chrome on their respective Huawei.

    Thank you for those links.

    I think I have no choice but to drip feed updated versions where I slowly drop one extra bit of the project at a time… which was always my last resort.

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    We’ve checked your application on the Huawei phone (browser version is and it works just fine. I believe this issue might be connected with insufficient memory or so (your app is a bit heavy for slower and older mobiles). Please provide more info on the phone model so can say further.

    As for debugging, please check out the following info to view console messages from this device.

    Verge3D’s Tech Chief
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