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[Feature Request] load data on second thread

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    currently, when loading a scene via v3d, there is quite an amount of loading work beeing done on the main thread.

    this heavily influences the google lighthouse / pagespeed score.
    (total blocking time, speed index, etc all make the total score red with v3d applications)
    this score affects the rating of the page in links/searches/ads etc.

    so the question is: is it possible to have the engine do the heavy loading work on a second thread? this would free up the main thread, and solve some of the issues.
    there seem to be some experiments with threejs loading on a second thread out there, but is it possible in v3d? could this be an engine feature?

    attached: a performance trace with the several “long tasks”, which are blocking the main thread. these are all inside v3d.js, so we cannot tell how they are caused

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    This is what I had suggested long time back to V3d team that, There should be LOD kind of mechanism OR loading in multiple LOD phase…. i.e. Level of detail.
    What happens is V3D loads everything and them stands up. Rather it should have some kind of streaming or segmented mechanism which helps to load the basic scene faster initially & then keep loading the details while user is engaged with exploring basic visuals.
    This thing is well used by “Sketchfab”. I think V3D team should think on this seriously.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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