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Custom V3D on WordPress causing trouble

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    I am trying to run the V3D app on a wordpress site. I can not use the wordpress plugin for several reasons, so i doing it manually by binding the project to the theme:

    I am getting the Console log Error:

    v3d.js:1 GET http://localhost/wp_testseite/product/beanie/visual_logic.js net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)

    The reason is that the V3D Engine is obiously trying to load the visual_logic.js (and more?) always from the current path where the project is called from (the current site).
    I expected it would try to load it from the same folder where the V3D.js is located too. I cannot put the project files in the same folder of the Site URL because simply this filepath does not exist. And also I want to keep it more generic.

    product/beanie that is the virtual filepath which does not exist

    I need all the files to load from \wp-content\3D_Content


    The console error I posted was maybe not complete. The v3d.js is trying to load “visual_logic.js” from the current url.

    There must me certainly a solution because the verge3d wordpress plugin needs a way to handle this too right?

    And of course thanks for the support in advance.


    Ok I checked the WP plugin. It is apparently realized by using iFrame.

    That is unfortunately not an option for me :unsure:

    Edit now I found the edit option. Sorry for making 3 posts :unsure:
    Ok iframe might be an option but it should be the last. There are a couple of downsides.
    I want to understand if it is possible the way I want it


    Ok I found a solution. You don’t need to make any effort to get into this. Thanks :good:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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