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    i’m wondering if this guy’s new blender add-on could be utilized in this process..
    it’s “Boxcutter” and does exactly what we’re talking about with all the bells and whistles… cuts out sections, makes cross sections etc..
    i wonder if it could be animated to a point cloud FBX then that used.
    link – Boxcutter


    This addon looks interesting! Thanks for sharing the link. :good:

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    since I installed the Boxcutter addon in Blender 2.82 the
    Verge 3D Buttons (Sneak Peak and App Manager) are in my Blender away ?

    Is there any idea to solve it ? :unsure:


    Have you tried installing the latest version of verge 3d?
    Also, have you gotten any interesting/successful results out of using boxcutter with your verge content?


    I have installed the last version of verge 3d.. and I got a lot of interesting
    results out of using boxcutter (very powerful and comfortable addon in blender)

    .. so my question is .. I tried if I install the add on (boxcutter) the verge 3d menus are still on the right side in blender.. but the

    Verge 3D Buttons (Sneak Peak and App Manager)

    since installation of boxcutter addon are missing ?????

    Any idea or solution to that problem ? :wacko:


    Solution is to enable boxcutter at first then enable verge3d plugin.

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    Perfect :good:

    That´s the solution.. I searched and asked for..

    Many many thanks for quick support and answer :bye:



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    It looks like BoxCutter messes up with the Blender toolbar panel. We’ve contacted BC developers and for now their recommendation is the same: enable BoxCutter first, then Verge3D.

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    mehmet torni

    Hi 3DPixel, these are great examples.
    How can we include these things to our own project.
    Do you know any video tutorial about including github source codes to Verge3D projects.
    Best Regards…


    We have just introduced the clipping planes feature: https://www.soft8soft.com/topic/verge3d-3-7-pre5-available/#post-40451

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    @yuri Any news on booleans? This is highly needed in a project I am currently working on. I have a tabletop with 6 optional holes that need to be able to change position and size. Having to do this with shape keys means:
    Make all holes and add for each a shapekey to make it show or not
    One hole cannot move beyond the other hole, so I need keep track of each
    This becomes a logistics nightmare quickly


    well, looks like I posted right after this has been announced, thanks!


    hmm, doesn’t work on objects with shapekeys applied, rendering this pretty much useless, or am I missing something?


    doesn’t work on objects with shapekeys applied

    CSG module works with the initial geometries and it doesn’t take into account morphing factors…

    this pretty much useless

    Something like that…

    Puzzles and JS. Fast and expensive.

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Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 51 total)
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