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Access “app” from external JS

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    I am trying to get some of your example custom shaders on github and apply the shader to an object on an existing scene which was created with the Verge3D App Mannager.

    I did the following: copied the code from github into the App (into the function runCode(app) {}). In that example, some external modules from other files are being imported. So I downloaded those and re-linked them.
    This was not working firstly because the myAwesomeApp.js is not a module thus you get the error ‘Cannot use import statement outside a module’.

    Instead I am binding new js file and declare it as a module.

    function runCode(app) {
        let js = document.createElement("script");
        js.type = "module";
        js.src = "custom_shader.js"

    Inside that file custom_shader.js now the modules are being imported. But once the code runs that file and gets to the point


    I am getting an error because the scene is undefined. So I understand from that file the ‘app’ is not accessabble.
    That line was originally v3d.scene.add(wireframe);

    but I am trying to access the current scene of the App itself.

    I have been researching for this for hours now. Sorry if the solution might be too obvious – but I am not getting it :/ Or maybe I am doing it totally wrong and there is an easier way.

    I could “import” all those modules too by just copying them into the main app js code. But 1) that will make it all pretty messy and 2) I want to understand what I am not understanding here ;)

    Thanks so much for your help. :rose:
    Once that is solved I may likely stumble into the next problem…



    are you using shaders compatible with Three.js?

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Hello Yuri,

    I was trying to implement this shader:



    I just had a look at this one


    too, it seems to be a bit more simple. I KIND OF managed to implement it, but not without having troubles (see image)

    I dont know which of both is a “three.js” compatible one.

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    I see. In fact, you can do it without any coding as Verge3D supports line rendering out of the box. See the Lines example in your Verge3D for Blender distro.

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Wait..What? There is ONE simple tick box for this? :yahoo:
    I saw this example before. But I did not find any puzzles nor code nor material setting. But now I found it. Thank you for guiding me there again.

    Would be still great to know how to get there through coding though. I see that three.js supports dashed lines for example. I will try more with my half-working example and get back here.


    Ok figured it out. For anyone interested this is the coding solution to create a simple wireframe material and apply it to an object. It is really that simple. I was totally going too far :wacko:
    Now need to find out more about v3d material libraries

    function runCode(app) {
        const material1 = new v3d.MeshBasicMaterial({
            color: 0xe0e0ff,
            wireframe: true,
        app.scene.children[0].material = material1;

    thank you for sharing a solution! :good:

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    You are welcome. As for the dashed material I copied a code snippet from your “dashed lines” example and tried to apply a dashed line to an object.

        const material2 = new v3d.LineDashedMaterial({
          color: 0xff0040,
          linewidth: 1,
          scale: 1,
          dashSize: 3,
          gapSize: 1
        let x_geo = app.scene.children[1].geometry;  
        const line = new v3d.Line(x_geo, material2);

    I was getting the console warning
    ‘v3d.js:1 v3d.Line.computeLineDistances(): Computation only possible with non-indexed BufferGeometry.’
    But still after adding the line
    it doesnt work

    Probably doing something essentially wrong here. But as long I am not getting errors I am confident to be close to the solution. Any suggestion?

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