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Almost Here

This was a very busy week for the team, and we are really proud of what we could achieve in such a short time span.

Check it out:

  • frustum culling option for objects (enabled by default)
  • support for Blender’s environment lighting checkbox
  • fixed crash when disabling the add-on
  • handling licensing keys within app manager
  • fixed tangent generation issue for non-triangulated meshes
  • added several Verge3D-specific blocks to Puzzles: stop animation, settimeout, setinterval, update text etc
  • also added other block categories present in original Google Blockly – loops, text, numbers etc
  • Puzzles are now decoupled from player – you can create logic for custom projects as well

Run the spinner demo! (model by TrueCryer)

  • procedural text exported from Blender and/or controlled via API and Puzzles
  • several Blender constraints – copy location, rotation, scale, transform, track to, locked track, floor. Particularly you can implement billboards visible in Blender viewport using Track To constraint.
  • support for vertical angle limits for the camera (can be set up in camera settings)
  • WebGL availability detection in the engine
  • export operation significantly improved – JPG and BMP textures are now correctly processed without redundant conversion to PNG
  • you can now create new apps using player template without need to manually copy the files
  • many bug fixes based on your feedback!

We are going to notify everybody who signed for closed beta on this new update. Please check your email boxes.

Now a few words regarding our plans for the upcoming release. We’re about to complete some important features such as post-processing effects (Depth of field, Ambient Occlusion and other). Afterwards we’ll do heavy testing of everything (with your help!) and finally release the first public version of Verge3D. It will happen somewhere next week. We are thankful for all the support and participation which helped us to deliver our new product!

By Yuri Kovelenov

CEO at Soft8Soft

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