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    Hi there,
    Is there a universal solution for this issue?
    I seem to have a similar problem with the 3D model not reflecting the woocommerce attribute change.
    What I want to achieve is when the user changes the “height” attribute, the middle section of the 3d model prolongs to 50mm. The basic height is 45mm.
    My setup:
    – blender 2.91.0
    – verge3D 3.5.0
    – wordpress 5.6 with hestia theme 3.0.8
    – woocommerce 4.9
    When I test the morph factor in the puzzles editor with the command “when hovered”, the model changes, but it doesn’t seem to work with woocommerce. When I change the attribute, the model remains the same. And the console displays the error as seen in the printscreen.
    One other anomaly is when I change the product attribute from the default 45mm to the first option “choose an option”, the cart button gets disabled and isn’t available even if I reselect “45mm” or “50mm”.
    Solutions I’ve tried:
    – deactivating and reactivating the verge3D plugin,
    – removing the model application, creating a new model application and reassigning it to the product,
    – changing the puzzle if/else statements to include all of the four combinations of height (if 45 then 0, else 45 = 1; if 50 then 1, else 50 = 0).
    I’m running a local wordpress installation via xampp, so unfortunately I can’t give you admin access.
    Please let me know if you need any info to resolve the issue.
    Thanks in advance.

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    You can try enabling the option ‘Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives’ in WooCommerce settings and see if it helps:

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    Hi, Yuri,

    Thanks so much for the prompt reply – enabling AJAX did help! :good:



    This issue was fixed in the Verge3D 3.6 release. Please check it out.

    Verge3D’s Tech Chief
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Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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