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White model on certain devices

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    Sario Haladjian


    The model is loaded correctly but rendered all white (check the screenshoot) only on certain devices. I am using an athmosphere plugin in Blender and the sky isn’t blue as it should be. It seems to not render the illumination properly. I checked all the settings & documentation but no solution. How can I fix that?

    I have tested it with multiple browsers and devices.
    They all run on Windows 1909 and with different AMD GPUs.


    Thank you for your help.
    Best regards

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    Sario Haladjian

    And I don’t know why it’s not displayed but I am a customer. I bought the Team lisence two weeks ago.
    Thanks for your support.


    Hi Sario,
    So it seems like you are in a bit of a bind. Lets see if we can get you on track. I am going to need a little bit more information and some diagnostic information from you in order to help.

    If you havent already done this I would recommend creating a new default V3D project and testing that you can see the standard V3D cube and background. If that works…then we are in good shape.

    In general Blender Plugins and Verge3D do okay but when it comes to material plugins…things can get a bit strange. Many environment plugins will create complex nodes that are not compatible with V3D.

    So my first guess would be change your World Texture to a simple HDRI image. V3D provides one by default…you can use that to make things simple.

    Swap that out and lets see what you get. If you could also post an image of the Blender Render view it would be helpful.
    I clicked on the link provided and do not get the scene you show in the image you provided. You might be doing your own testing. Let me know if there is another link.

    Route 66 Digital
    Interactive Solutions

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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