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When V3D will have loading optimization

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    I m really impressed with V3D capabilities & I feel some key areas need to be addressed on priority.
    Example – the below link from sketchfab. Look how it loads a rough data initially and when it is displayed ( though rough) user starts looking at it and still it loads in back ground.

    There are many such examples on sketchfab, I just shared one above.

    However V3D files take complete time to load fully ( loader display) and then appear. It breaks the attention span of most users in today’s time.

    Can V3D team address this query?
    Have any plans to include this feature in near future version? is it possible?

    It is something like loading low poly view faster first to catch the viewer attention and while initial display appears it still loads further details in background.
    I hope developer team understands what I mean.

    Cheers !



    you can implement such a behavior by employing the puzzle load scene. Not as automatic as in Sketchfab, but should work though.

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    That sounds amazing if it works !

    Not automatic as in Sketchfab…. you mean it works by default on loading scene?

    Any tut on it plz?
    I m not a coder or developer… I am just a user or say performer ! ! ! :D

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    Any tut on it plz?

    There’s no tutorial but you can look at Jewelry Configurator demo where the engine loads empty scene then all assets loads in it on request.

    Co-founder and lead graphics specialist at Soft8Soft.


    Hmmm !

    That needs user click as input to trigger you mean.
    Its about loading or not loading or unloading of the items in scene…
    What about loading with low poly>mid poly>high poly? i m little more concerned about it.

    I m thinking of using v3D to some serious levels of scenes, where LOD can be a substantial key parameter.

    Also as non coder/developer category, some tutorial would be great help



    What about loading with low poly>mid poly>high poly? i m little more concerned about it.

    Sketchfab system is very simple and it’s easy to use and optimize content. V3d allow user to load very complex scenes with complex combination of animation, materials, shapekeys and others, so there’s no way for automatic optimization of it without chance to broke something, so we leave such things on users who know their scenes better than the engine. Puzzle system is very simple to understand and no coding needed. This system (on which Puzzles was based) used to teach children to understand programming. Good tutorials offcource needed, you can start from learing basic tutorial series from our youtube channel.

    Co-founder and lead graphics specialist at Soft8Soft.


    your answer is slightly tricky.
    I think sooner or later V3D will have to consider this point. After all its about gamification and would be the demand of mass users for such features. I m sure
    I think this is going to be an inevitable anyways.
    We gonna catch up on this point somewhere in the future..my gut feelings! B-) :)



    uploadprofi is krpano.
    45 gigapixel in no time

    maybe we can learn something from them.



    This is deep zoom technology and V3D is actually 3d real-time. Deep zoom is image dependent and this V3D is 3D-scene dependent. However it is really essential that some day V3D has to think of LOD technique.
    May be to load scene faster it will load overall content viewable from distant but while user interacts with raw content initially the time would be used in background to load further detailed content.
    For video streaming Youtube is using this technology to buffer the forthcoming data in user’s cache while user watching the content.
    Even all Unreal, Unity & other game engines do use this effectively.
    I am sure V3D is going to be a future monster & lead the web3D globally. I wish !!! :rose:


    deep zoom technology…!
    thats cool.😀
    thanks for you info.
    Yes loading time is very important
    because there is
    little patience in the www


    True @Alfred !
    The more sophisticated the technology is becoming… the lesser the attention span is getting in all of us. :yes:

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