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Verge3D viewer quality on mobile devices

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    Dear community,

    May I ask for your help with below question?

    While displaying our products on mobile devices, both Android and Iphone, we are sometimes experiencing noticeably lower quality rendering.

    I am attaching screenshots to demonstrate:
    – example 1 one is from desktop usage in Chrome browser
    – example 2 is from AR display on Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra
    – example 3 is from Chrome browser in mentioned cell phone

    It is obvious that both AR version and desktop version are sharper and/or has higher resolution than cell phone browser display (we see similar worsen looks on iphone).

    I am familiar with underlying Three.js library.

    Question: Are we doing some render scaling on mobile devices in web browsers*? And if so, how can we control it? The point is, we would like to control this quality setting ourselves (ideally display highres on higend devices etc).

    *From what i remember, Three.js has renderer.setPixelRatio(aspectratio) which looks very similiar. Is it the case?

    thank you very much in advance,

    Petr Sehnal, Precismo

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    You can set screen scale with the the screen scale puzzle. (in puzzle editor go to system tab)



    Thank you, this is exactly what i needed!




    please send me this WebAR puzzle because verge3d Augmented reality does not work but it demo work so please send me your puzzle

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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