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verge3d 3.2 max 2021?

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    1. Uninstalled all previous verge versions & content
    2. installed verge3d 3.2

    Sadly now nothing works.
    when I run sneakpeek, I just get a blank browser screen and multiple plugins for chrome announce that they have crashed – bitly and wot.
    What next?


    OK, so sneakpeek or verge manager do not work from max 2021; I get a blank browser screen as previously mentioned.

    However, If I start verge manager outside of max it runs OK.

    And if I start verge manager outside of max before invoking sneakpeek in max, the sneakpeek loads correctly.

    Is this new behavior or is something needing adjustment?



    maybe you forgot to restart 3ds Max? To make it even cleaner, please restart your entire system and try again.

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    I’ll do a sys reboot thx..


    No luck on sys reboot.
    – Previous verge versions have been totally removed.
    – no other versions of max on machine.
    – Verge has been registered in max menu, etc.
    – app manager authorization error is gone.
    – if the app manager is invoked and running prior to running verge from Max, verge/max still works fine.


    good news!
    Verge is now running as expected.
    Thank you.

    Yuri KovelenovYuri Kovelenov

    awesome! so what was the reason for misbehavior in the first place?

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    not really sure.
    I installed 3.2 yesterday & could not get a proper authorization for it, so I uninstalled 3.1x & reinstalled 3.2 and things went haywire.

    Then uninstalled everything again, deleted all folders, etc. & reinstalled 3.2 at a different location.

    Still no good.

    Came in this morning, same thing.
    Then reboot, still no good, but then it started working correctly with no further action by me.

    Maybe something was cached in Chrome?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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