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Verge 3D Network Improvements

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    I have a couple of thoughts that would improve verge3D network uploads. Currently, if you upload your model/app (for example to show a customer), as files change between versions you might be left in some cases with old files that are no longer needed. one option is of course to delete the link and re upload. We have used a link shortener, so now want to keep the same cdn link.

    I had many files left from earlier that were on the CDN, but not included in my app. Maybe those types of files could be highlighted in red?

    Also, could folders always be at the top of the sorting? The indentation method can be a little bit awkward. It means that when I was checking for which files I can delete from the upload, it wasn’t so easy as the alphabetisation was a little bit weird.

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    Nice suggestions, adding them to our TODO list!
    I believe we might just rewrite all files in the Network directory when the app with the same name is already present remotely :scratch:

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    Dear Alex,

    In fact I had always thought Verge did a complete rewrite – until I looked a little closer. I think I hadn’t noticed, because a few times before I had just deleted the root folder from Network and created a new link. Althouhg, I guess I always had the option to delete all of the files inside the app folder. And this wouldn’t change the link, right?

    Whilst I appreciate it’s my fault for still developing texture work etc in Blender within my app folder, this was necessary for me to keep working quickly.

    As an aside, do you have any tips for version controlling with verge3d? At the moment, I think copying and pasting in Windows Explorer is okay. Or could it create issues?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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