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Publish Links Page should be accessible after initial publishing.

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    The page that pops up after I have published a project, which shows web-links as well as social media sharing options, seems to never be something I can regain access to once it is closed. To my knowledge, I am required to re-publish in order to simply get access to the already existing links to the data already hosted on the cdn.soft8soft servers. I know I can open a page that shows which files/projects are hosted on these servers, but unless I am missing something, I cannot access the actual web address that will open these projects on the web.

    It would make sense to me, to put a button next to the “Publish” button in the App Manager, that would allow the user to open the window with the links that appears after publishing; instead of having to re=publish every time, (which can be quite time consuming.)

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    Hi Mcolinp,

    I was once in your shoes, just as frustrated, but there is a simple solution and a quick tip.

    Solution, go to your Cloud icon located on the left side of the App Manager, its the Open Verge3D Network Directory. There you will find a directory structure of the files you have uploaded. Your project(s) folder(s) are located under applications you fill find them by name.
    In your case there should be a folder called ADUSTABLE WALL PANEL and within that folder there will be a file called PAD_PANEL.html.
    All you have to do is click on that PAD_PANE.html file and the page will load.

    Quick Tip Suggestion: Book mark the link and place it in your bookmark bar until you are done with the project or at least done with this version of Verge3d. The link for the project will not change as long as you are publishing the same project.

    Quick Note: The bookmarks will allow you to retain access to files you have published after you change Verge3d versions. Although I recommended deleting the V3d Network Directory information before upgrading. The only way to get back to the old directory at the moment is to reinstall the old V3D license and you would then have access. Soft8Soft is looking into allowing us a better way to manage those files but for now these are the only options.

    Good luck. Hope this helps.

    Route 66 Digital
    Interactive Solutions

    Gerome Gan

    Wow thanks Xeon. I was just looking up for the same thing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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