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    I’m creating a roulette type game with about 9 balls spinning and dropping in a roulette. In my puzzle I hide all the balls – and randomly reveal each one on every turn. At the same time I also offset the orientation of the roulette so that the numbers dropped on are always random.

    On my tests it runs great on mobile phones and on desktops – but on slightly older computers the frame-rate drops to something unpleasant – about 15 fps (50+ fps on other devices).

    The odd thing is – that demos of Verge and ThreeJS on those older devices work fine, so I was thinking that it might just be something with my setup.

    However, no matter what I’ve tried to change/omit – I still get low framerate on those devices:
    1. Tried to remove HDRI and all reflections
    2. Tried to remove all textures, or even apply very low-res textures
    3. Tried to drastically chop down the poly-count (got to 2000 from about 5000 – which is still not a lot)
    4. tried to remove the puzzle and just do a spin

    All of these gave the same odd results, as if those computers just don’t like WebGL, but at the same time can run ThreeJS/Verge samples quite well.

    Any ideas? Any one has experience similar issues?


    Is there any shadows, a lot of lamps or postprocessing in your scene? Can you share your project for tests?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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