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New verge or new blender issue?

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    Just updated to blender 2.81 AND verge 2.17pre1 simultaneously.
    Copied my app directories..
    Opened my current scene…
    ..all pink.😗
    (Missing textures obviously)
    Fixed it by narrowing down that my world reflection hdri had to be re-located. And my background atmosphere (inverted giant image textured sphere) texture had to be re-located)

    Don’t know if this is a blender issue or verge add-on issue.

    Thought I’d mention it.
    Wasn’t expecting it, since everything was IN my app folder that was copied, and other textures in my scene were NOT affected by this.
    (Exporting is A LOT faster now! And good bye fakepath console warnings! :good: )



    I tried opening some HDRI-enabled scenes created in Blender 2.80 with Blender 2.81 and they open just fine. Maybe you accidentally moved the image files?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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