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Move objects group using keyboard controls/Keydown Events without programming

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    I need to move a character around the same way it does in a standard 2d sidescrolling game (e.g., Megaman, Metal Slug or Contra) handles player input: character spawned in the beginning of a level, characters that only move around or act whenever the player decides so (especially via keyboard and mouse or game controllers), etc. But without programming, and just using Verge3d Puzzles.

    To do this with Puzzles, I know that Events, Objects, Selectors, Keyboard controls, Numbers, Variables, and Logic is to be used. My puzzles caused my character (comprised of individual objects) to move across the screen in a “teleporting effect”:

    Via keyboard controls, I want my character moving visibly across the screen, instead of a “teleporting effect” movement. So how do I use puzzles without programming for this? (e.g., relevant puzzles to:

    -assign new position for character after it moves position via keyboard controls
    – get the character’s last moved position, especially before it moves as per player input)

    Now when I looked at Farmers’ Journey, the puzzles to compute player movement looked rather confusing:


    The initial variables, especially to define the player’s initial position had no number value. Just how is the initial position value calculated, and how does numbers calculate player’s movement and position?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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