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    I’m really new to verge3D. I just installed verge3D and I use it for my blender project. I generated the model which appears too small when displayed through the browser. Can someone tell me how to properly resize my model please?
    Thank you.


    Hi there and welcome.
    So size is a funny thing so I will need some more detailed information.

    As an example. I can create a coin that is 1:1 scale in blender, but while I zoom around in the blender viewport the size of the coin can change. The same is true for V3D. The object is scaled based on screen size, ratios, etc.

    Are you wanting a 1:1 scale regardless of the screen size? Or are you wanting a specific size with respect to the screen size?

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    Hi Xeon,
    Thank you for the feedback and your kindness.
    Actually, after reading around I came up with an improvement. What I did was to make sure that my model scale was 1:1. To your point, it will be nice if the model size can be consistent with the displaying device screen. By now, I still have some other issues to fix. For instance, the model is not properly oriented. Again thank you for your feedback.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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