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iOS and iPadOS general issues after version 15.X

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    Whereas all my applications worked without any issues in iOS/iPadOS version 14.x, since updating to 15.x, there are now strange artefacts (depth sorting issues?) in my scenes (see attached images), and sometimes apps need to reload.
    (I’m currently running iPadOS 15.3 on an iPad 7th generation, iPhone 5 SE and also test things on iPhone SE 2020)
    Because I know that Apple has enabled many experimental features in Safari, I went to those settings and found that WebGL via Metal, was enabled. After I disabled it, the rendering issues were gone. However, other problems occurred. For instance, some objects didn’t render at all.
    So, there is no choice but to keep WebGL via Metal enabled.
    It stays a nuisance to constantly resort to workarounds and give up on visual quality to make our web-apps work on Apple devices.
    Any idea when WebGL 2 and Metal will be fully functional and go out of experimental stage in Safari? :unsure:

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    Hi Simone,

    Thank you for the heads up! We’ll check it out.

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    Same Problem


    Any updates or reco on this. Becoming a barrier to new projects.

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    Interactive Solutions - https://www.r66d.com


    Depth sorting issues (see my screenshots above) have now been solved in iOS and iPadOS 15.4.1 since several bug fixes in Metal. :yes:
    However WebGL applications are still a bit sluggish and sometimes have to reload.
    The latest Verge3D 3.9.1 maintenance update has resolved some other issues, and also AO looks perfect now. :heart:
    Probably there will be more improvements in Metal so maybe the reloading and sluggishness issue will also be resolved.
    I heard rumours that Blender will support WebP image format will Verge3D support WebP? Would it help with performance on Apple devices? :unsure:
    :bye: Simone


    Ahh, yes, this explains my issues.

    I found all the noise online about switching off the default webgl metal option which solves some of the visual issues, but not a workaround for the general user.

    I did fine a forum about this for another three.js type web app, they implemented a bit of code thus…

    “I’ve updated #13492 to use antialias: false for Safari 15.4. This makes the WebGL examples work for me on iOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3 M1.”


    Should be fixed in safari 15.5 hopefully.

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    I’m on the same boat. All my apps worked on ios 14, none work on ios 15.
    Like…8 of them, and they are all different.



    It turns out this has been fixed on the latest version – but you need to press the little “refresh” button in the app manager for each app – then re-upload – this worked for me.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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