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How do I export a gitf to pass on to a developer?

Home Forums General Questions How do I export a gitf to pass on to a developer?

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    Hello, excuse my ignorance as I don’t know much about the developer/coding side of things. I’m a 3ds Max user, who needs to export a gitf file of a project I made with Verge3D. When I look in the application folder I see 3D object file, Bin file, Java script file, but no gitf file? Am I doing something wrong when I export. I can see everything fine in the puzzle view and in the preview, but I don’t know which file to give the developer. Thanks to anyone who can help

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    Verge3D exports a pair of files: your_project.gltf and your_project.bin. Both of them need to be copied. Also any external assets such as textures must be copied too. Here is more details: https://www.soft8soft.com/docs/manual/en/introduction/Project-Structure.html

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    When you say copied what exactly do you mean? Copied into a Javascript? I’m working with a group of developers that use this https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/ gltf 2.0 viewer to test the assets. The 3D object is appearing but it is giving me an error on the textures and lighting, etc. I’m attaching an image of the error page for more context. I was under the impression that it would export one file(gltf) that had the textures, animation, camera embedded into one file? Again excuse my ignorance as I’m very new to AR and 3D configurators.

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