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Graphic (Performance limit) using Verge3D running locally using Electron.

Home Forums General Questions Graphic (Performance limit) using Verge3D running locally using Electron.

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    AvatarGerome Gan

    Hello guys. I just recently got my app to run in Electron. The tutorial was amazing. Even a non-coder like me could do it. Many thanks to the guys that makes all the tutorial in Verge3D :) :good:

    I had done a lot of performance intensive interactive stuff in Unity running on local machine. So I was wondering,.. since I can now run Verge3D locally using Electron… how does it handle performance running locally? Anyone had any experience on this? How much can I push the performance limit? Is it mainly limited by the GPU?

    The limit of running Verge3D online is always with the bandwidth. I usually kept my file under 50mb to ensure a quick loading. So, if it can run well locally,.. maybe I could do an app like say 2Gig in size?

    *You may ask – Why not just use Unity to work on local app? Well, I am not a coder. Verge3D allow a single artist like me to do wonders. Yes.. WONDERS!!!


    Hi Gerome,

    Yes, when running through electron, network bandwidth is no longer problem. You can probably load much bigger scenes (may be even 2Gb, haven’t tried that). For graphics performance considerations, please take a look at this guide.

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    AvatarGerome Gan


    Thanks for the speedy reply as always!

    And thanks for the guide link. I guess I will give it a try doing large scene and running in Electron. At least now I know how to monitor the performance. I will report what I find here later.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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