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Folder for assets/3d data

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    I would be great to set as default or per option, to load the 3d data from another folder instead of the root.

    When you export with multiple textures etc. the root folder gets cluttered with all the files.

    As I’m working mainly on our local webserver with the verge applications, this is no problem, cause I just moved all 3d data into a “assets” folder and changed the filepath in the corresponding js files, but this way I cant use the app manager which is quite handy.


    We’ll think about this. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Great :good:


    Just wanted to push that topic again. With all the new upcoming app publishing features the app manager gets more and more attractive to us.

    But in order for us to really use it, we would need the possibility to set external folders for the projects (which would point to our local webserver) and also the possibility to define the folder structure. Having all the data just laying in one root direction isnt really good for working properly.


    I vote for that also !!
    -define my own folder structure.
    -possibility to publish directly on my (or my client) webserver.
    -I would also need a tool to rename a project and all its corresponding files.





    It’ll be very usefull if I could set my folder structure in Verge App Manager. Something like in screenshots.
    For example, I have basic project folder (‘my_awesome_app’) and there is one folder for all Verge files (‘my-v3d-project’).

    Thanks in advance!

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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