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    EDIT: Ok i managed to achieve the old look by doing this:

    Solidify Modifier with thickness: 0.001
    Setting the Specular value from pricipaled Bsdf to 0.025 (Does not look good in Blender, but in Verge)

    these are Things, that worked out of the box with 2.80.

    So far so good. If use the value nodes in blender they work correctly as expected
    and move the texture along x axis and y axis, just how i want it.

    Now in Puzzle Editor i use the change value puzzle , but nomatter what value i enter , the texture is jumping always to the same place, no matter how big/small , positive / negative the value is.

    I attached my nodesetup – maybe im missing something, but as i said in Blender it works as you would expect it.


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    @hoody, I don’t know why your node set up is not working, but I am not using 2.81 yet. I don’t have experience with the new mapping node. However, simple shifting and scaling of a texture map are relatively straightforward, even in 2.80. I did not have an example that I could share with you the last time I posted, so I put together a small example this evening. Maybe this shader will help others here in the forums, as well. I have included the full project archive so that you may examine it. There is nothing tricky in the transform other than keeping track of the signs (+/-). If you get the sign wrong, the texture will move in the opposite direction of what you intended.

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    Hi guys. The probmlem with the mapping values was, that they (at least in may case) have to be between -1 and 1. Now everything works as expected.

    I had made a range slider for moving the textures and the default step-size was set to 1. Thats why it did not work at the beginning.

    @jem thank you very much. I’ll definitly try your 2.8 setup too :)

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    Yuri KovelenovYuri Kovelenov

    @hoody glad you worked it out!
    @jem thanks so much for sharing the solution!

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