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first person controls setup

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    we are planning to add first-person controls to one of our projects.

    unfortunately, the documentation on this is quite sparse:

    i am unsure of how the Collision material is to be used.
    we created a collison mesh, gave it a material, and set it as the cameras collision material. unfortunately, this did not have any effect.

    is the physics package needed for this? i though there was an example project, but i could not find it anywhere…

    any help or information on this would be appreciated.


    oh, so the collision mesh is expecting more of a navigation-mesh type thing. the camera will not collide with the mesh, but rather move on it.


    having it work now, the collision logic is a bit clunky:

    usually, when navigating towards a wall with an angle, you would expect to “slide off” to the side. instead the camera comes to a full stop. also, when the movement speed is higher, the camera will stop earlier. then, when the move speed decreases, it will inch closer towards the wall. which has the strange effect that it moves a bitt more after releasing a movement button.

    will have a bit more trialanderror here, but we might have to go with a custom solution here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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