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Card Deck Theatre update to 2.15 rotation and sound issues

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    I have improved a few little things in my Card Deck Theatre app and also got the
    sound to work on iOS with the Sound iOS Workaround puzzle (although iOS is initially only playing 4 sounds. Is there a limit per touch?). My application overall works fine using Verge3D 2.14.
    But with Verge3D 2.15 there are problems with the rotation of the cards. It puts the cards laying on the floor straight up. And during Act 1 It doesn’t stop the crying of the Joker and doesn’t perform the end rotation of the joker.
    (By the way, I did do the update of the sound puzzles.)
    Verge3D 2.14 version is fine :yes:
    Verge3D 2.15 version has issues :cry:
    I have included an image of the sound iOS workaround I have implemented and the two visual logic.js files.
    Hope this helps to solve the issues.
    :bye: Simone

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    Hi Simone,
    it’s highly possible this is a known issue with default values in the “set rotation” puzzle which are considered equal to zero. If so, you better wait till the next Verge3D 2.16 pre1 release and check your app again.

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    Thanks for your answer. Glad to hear that this will be fixed soon.
    How about the crying sound not stopping the moment the Joker starts to talk, I have not only paused the sound but also set the volume to 0.
    This worked fine in 2.14 but not in 2.15
    Verge3D 2.14
    Verge3D 2.15
    Probably this will be also fixed in the next update?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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