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Another new fantasy project

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    Hi guys,

    i´m done with another new fantasy project….

    Its called Mars attacks…created with 3D max and Verge

    Its another beefy project for those with bigger pc´s

    my pc loads the project within 1 minute….
    Windows 10, 16 GB Ram, 6 GB AMD Graphic board
    Its again runs best on Google Chrome…

    Lots of things to see and to do


    Have fun exploring Mars




    Hey there … not working on iOS.. app times out.

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    Maybe, it’s because the video memory consumption is over 2Gb? )))

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    Its not meant to be played on ios…..

    as i stated you need a beefy PC


    Very artistic! :good: I managed to load it on my desktop with 4Gb video card in a small browser window. This app is truly a benchmark which brings WebGL/Verge3D to its limits: 15M triangles, 1090 render calls, 33 lights, 11x2k shadow maps, 146 shaders, and 215 textures some of which are as big as 4k. :)

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    Link to the screencast https://cdn.soft8soft.com/AROAJSY2GOEHMOFUVPIOE:33cea7842a/mars_attacks/mars_attacks.mp4

    Perhaps you could record a proper screen cast and share it on Youtube?

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    Hi Yuri,

    i´ll try to do a screencast and send it to you….maybe you could use
    it for any purpose like youtube…is hat ok for you….

    Did you have a look at my other high level projects?


    they all run fine on my computer…it takes a bit of loading…
    but once loaded……




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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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