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Animate Cable in real time

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    David Duperron

    I have a scene where the user can manipulate a crane (very similar to the industrial robot V3D example that I started from), but with something more: I need to “animate” the crane hook, and its cable to make it “stick” to the crane tip.
    In Blender this is feasible by creating a curve with two hooks that are attached on the crane tip for one and on the hook for the other, and by adding some constraints to the hook (like being always at the vertical of the crane tip).
    However, I cannot find the way to export or recreate this behaviour in real time, with the puzzles and supported Blender features.
    I found a plugin here () but this creates a 3D line, not exactly what I was looking for (I would prefer to stretch a textured cylinder between two empties for example)
    Any help would be appreciated!


    Hi David,

    Such kind of animation requires inverse-kinematics, which is supported by the engine but unfortunately requires coding. So at the moment, this is limited to baked animation only :unsure:

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    David Duperron

    Ok thank you for your answer! I’ll find another way to represent what I need in that case…
    When you say “requires coding”… what does it mean exactly? is it a big amount of coding? where? in the puzzle editor??
    Thanks again



    You can check out the source code of the example linked above. It uses CCDIKSolver under the hood (this page contains an example which is very similar to what you want to achieve). In case you need help, feel free to create a post on the Jobs forum.

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter

    David Duperron

    Hi Yuri!
    Thanks for the answer. Indeed this seems to answer perfectly my needs… however, the html source is not present in the repository (here: https://github.com/Soft8Soft/verge3d-code-examples). Has the file been removed? I found some workarounds in the meantime, which involve vertical scaling of a simple cylinder, to match the required length.
    But now I am struggling with the constraints (for some reason they do not work the same way within Blender and in the exported GLTF… are there some kind of limitations or cavehats with the constraints in V3D puzzles?



    Depends on what constraints you are trying to use. Show you animation in Blender

    the html source is not present in the repository

    take the one from three.js. they are the same

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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