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Starting up

Dear friends!

Today we are launching our website to keep you posted on our progress. We are also announcing the development of a next-gen product which we called Verge3D.

To be more precise, we are conceiving a line of products as we believe it is time to move on and implement our successful, battle-proven concept not only for Blender (as we did with Blend4Web), but also for other popular 3D modeling suites. So it will be something like Verge3D for Blender, Verge3D for Cinema4D, etc.

I’d like to answer possible questions about relation between our past creation and the brand new one. There won’t be any, actually, except that both were created by the same guys. So they won’t be compatible in terms of API and only partially compatible in materials and animation, as no single line of code is borrowed from Blend4Web.

The new engine will be based on a popular WebGL library called Three.js. We plan to add new APIs over the existing ones, so that the vast Three.js community can easily migrate their web applications to our framework.

On the other hand, the new platform will be as artist-friendly as possible. This will be ensured by making available the following features:

  • Khronos’ latest glTF 2.0 format for export
  • photo-realistic materials
  • PBR pipeline
  • visual logic editor – this time decoupled from graphic files
  • app manager for creating full-blown interactive 3D web apps with a single click
  • a quick preview button for – surprise! – quickly previewing your scene in the browser

The first release will be available as closed beta in the nearest future. Feel free to leave your feedback and sign up for testing using the contact form.

By Yuri Kovelenov

Chief 3D Verger

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