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Verge3D for Blender: Machinery Material Pack


Extensive pack of Blender materials for machinery applications. Total 73 shaders, including metals, paints, plastics, rubbers, and glass.

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This library includes ready-to-use materials suitable for visualization of various machinery items. It is fully compatible with Blender Asset Browser to allow for simple drag-and-drop production pipeline.

Click on the thumbnails to preview the respective materials online.


Aluminum material Brass material Bronze material Brushed aluminum material Brushed brass material Brushed nickel material Brushed steel material Brushed titanium material Cast iron material Chrome materialCircular polished aluminum material Circular polished steel material Copper materialFishskin polished aluminum materialFishskin polished steel materialGalvanized steel material Hammered aluminum material Hammered brass material Hammered copper materialNickel material Steel material Titanium material Tungsten material


Fine oil paint material Metal enamel material Shagreen paint material


ABS plastic material Barkbeetle ABS plastic material Graphite-filled nylon material Leather ABS plastic material Nylon material Peel ABS plastic material Polypropylene material POM plastic material Rough ABS plastic material


Polyurethane material Rubber material Silicon material

Sheet Metals

Capsule-hole aluminum grid material Duet sheet aluminum material Duet sheet steel material Lentil sheet aluminum material Lentil sheet steel materialQuintet sheet aluminum materialQuintet sheet steel material Rhombus sheet aluminum material Rhombus sheet steel material Round-hole aluminum grid material Steel diamond net material Steel square wire material Steel wire fence material

Sheet Plastics

Carbon material Fiberglass material Hex-hole ABS grid Polypropylene fiber material Rectangle-hole ABS grid Textolite material


Acrylic glass material Crust acrylic glass material Crust solid glass material Crust thin-wall glass material PET plastic material Pyramid acrylic glass Pyramid solid glass material Pyramid thin-wall glass Rhombus acrylic glass material Rhombus solid glass materialRhombus thin-wall glass material Ribbed acrylic glass material Ribbed solid glass material Ribber thin-walled glass Solid glass material Thin-wall glass material

Most of the shaders offer sets of inputs by tweaking which you can create a unique material suitable for your needs. Besides that, the shaders have special inputs for easy connection of baked normal and AO maps. See video below for usage:

The pack also contains 3 HDRi maps carefully tweaked for maximum visual quality, provided in 3 resolutions (1k, 2k and 4k).

Environment map 1 Environment map 2 Environment map 3

Quick Start

The Machinery Material Pack is compatible with Blender 4.1 or later.

After completing your order, the material pack will become available for download using a link sent via email, and also in the downloads section of your account dashboard. Simply extract the ZIP and add the extracted folder using Blender PreferencesFile PathsAsset Libraries.

Find the detailed instructions on using these materials efficiently in the User Manual.

Didn’t find a material that you need? Drop us a line so that we can schedule creating one!


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